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Benefits of
Mobile Retail

Our Last-Minute Delivery Model is Proving a Better Way to Reach Local Customers


Optimize Experiences, Not Just Transactions

To rise above competitors, it’s crucial to offer customers experiences that meet their expectations for quality, service, and convenience. Mobile retail allows you to recognize customers for who they are, not just what they buy.

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Leverage Data to Better Connect with Customers

StreetLogic captures and analyzes first-party data to provide merchants compliant customer database management built on transparency and trust. Insights from rich data is used to foster closer relationships with customers based on their buying patterns, affinities, and preferences.

Step Towards

StreetLogic technology places mobile inventories inside local markets for entire shifts. As a result, operating areas are concentrated and empty miles are eliminated, minimizing waste and traffic congestion. Our smart infrastructure combined with zero-emission delivery vehicles elevate hyperlocal delivery to smart city ideals, and help foster society’s shift towards sustainability.

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Support Local Community

Digital-first marketers should always remember that customers really come first. Mobile operations focused on local markets can help merchants tune enterprise-level initiatives into more vivid and inclusive economic subunits that reflect the personality and needs of individual communities.

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