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Connect with
Local Communities

Social Commerce
Meets Mobile Retail

Consumers today increasingly prefer to connect with brands and products that are relevant to their geographical location. Social media platforms have made it easier for businesses to link with customers in hyperlocal markets. StreetLogic can integrate with social media to provide real-time visibility of mobile inventories.

StreetLogic Vendor Dashboard 2.jpg
StreetLogic Pizza Truck.png

Intelligent Pairing

Real-time connectivity is crucial to managing mobile inventories. StreetLogic AI intelligently pairs consumers with the most optimal mobile storefront operating in their area. Customers are presented with only the items that are in stock and available for instant delivery.

Community Events and Pop-Ups

Retailers can modernize the neighborhood corner store experience by stationing mobile storefronts as temporary retail outposts. StreetLogic’s geo-targeting capabilities can be leveraged to promote pop-up events, create click-and-collect points, and offer special promotions to customers nearby. 

StreetLogic Mobile Storefront Customer.jpg

Smart Infrastructure

StreetLogic provides essential mobile retail infrastructure for smart city and micro-environment applications. Data surrounding mobile inventory is received, analyzed, and managed in real-time to help connect municipalities, enterprises, and consumers in connected environments.

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