Mobile Retail

About Us


Our patent portfolio and proprietary network platform reflects over a decade of investment in R&D across last mile logistics and delivery operations ranging from remote operating systems, artificial intelligence, fleet efficiency, and network computing. Our strategic vision is focused on exploring innovation that supports wide adoption of smart fleet infrastructure to increase efficiencies and reduce waste, thereby promoting a more valuable and sustainable future for consumers and merchants alike.


StreetLogic® has been founded by an executive team with decades of combined experience in last mile technologies, supply chain automation, fleet connectivity, and commercial EV development. Our leadership team is uniquely qualified to launch AI-led business applications using StreetLogic’s proprietary innovations.


StreetLogic® transforms stock delivery vehicles into intelligent networks of mobile storefronts. We move micro-fulfillment to the edge of the last mile by mobilizing inventory. Our proprietary network platform empowers retailers with delivery automation, local demand creation, and real-time connectivity to efficiently serve on-demand consumers, wherever they may be. 

If you are a retailer or last mile service provider and would like to inquire about aligning with our platform, please send an email to